What makes CrossFit Addict the best CrossFit gym in Richmond, VA? We asked some of our members to describe their experience.

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Lauren“I’d been working with a personal trainer but knew that I wanted more; a community, a place to go to for stress relief, something to look forward to every day, a place to escape.  I walked into Addict on my first day, probably looking so incredibly lost, and was instantly welcomed not just by the coaches, but by every athlete in the gym. No one made me feel bad about being the last to finish our timed mile, in fact everyone was cheering when I ran in. That was the moment when I realized I’d found a new home. Over the last 8 months, the family at Addict has pushed me to be the best version of myself, in and out of the gym. Never in a million years did I think I’d be competing in competitions and now I can say that I have completed two, finished 3rd in one, and cannot wait until the next one. Yes, I’m addicted to the results, but more importantly I’m addicted to our community. The coaches have created an environment where anyone can thrive and where people pull each other up. The other athletes are beyond encouraging, there are no egos, and everyone is so humble – we all just want the best for each other. You know it’s home when something goes wrong in your life and it’s the only place you can imagine being – which is exactly how I feel about CrossFit Addict. Huge thank you to all of the coaches who have made this place what it is–home.”
–Lauren Bifulco

Martha“I’ve been working out at CrossFit Addict for 18 months. As a long-time distance runner, I needed both strength and high-intensity workouts to improve my running and overall fitness, and CrossFit gave me those in a time-effective one-hour class. Trey, Lindsay, Stephanie and all the CrossFit Addict coaches have been great at working with me as I learned to lift weights for the first time in my life…they’ve provided excellent technical instruction (and plenty of patience!) I’m running and racing well (5k’s to 50-milers) on fewer training miles, and recover quickly post-race. Some things I love about CrossFit & CrossFit Addict: 1) Adaptable to a variety of strengths, talents, and fitness goals; 2) Being able to see and track improvements; 3) Excellent coaching (whether you’re there to lift big weight, or to just get a little stronger); 4) Planned workouts…I know if I show up each day and follow instructions, I’ll be that much stronger for it; 5) Group classes…I never fail to be amazed or inspired by the accomplishments and the pure hard work of other CrossFit Addict members; 6) Somehow, the coaches and other “Addicts” make even the hardest workout seem like a good time.”
–Martha Wright

Marie“I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome when I was 12 and thought it was not a big deal. However, as I got older I developed serious health conditions, gastroparesis and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). Over the course of a couple years, I discovered natural medicine and that helped a lot. Natural medicine allowed me to start going to work again and living an almost normal life but I was still in pain everyday and dealing with gastroparesis symptoms. When you have chronic illnesses they begin to define you because the pain is with you 24/7. I have always been active and have tried to stay active while being sick but it was hard for me to commit. About two months ago, I walked into CrossFit Addict for my first class and signed up for a year membership. I now know that decision changed my life. After the short time of being committed to CrossFit and an active lifestyle I can honestly say I do not have any symptoms of gastroparesis. I no longer define myself as someone with gastroparesis instead I define myself as someone who is healthy and happy. I would not be in this position without CrossFit Addict and all of the amazing supportive coaches who are always pushing me and ensuring safety and accurate form. I am excited to see how I feel in another three months!”
–Marie Clune

David“My wife and I recently moved to Richmond and started searching for a CrossFit gym. After one visit to CrossFit Addict, our search was finished, and we have been thrilled ever since. The coaches provide professional instruction blended with individual care. The community is both encouraging and challenging, comprised of a variety of people at a variety of athletic levels who are together committed to supporting one another not just physically, but also personally. For all of these reasons and more, I cannot recommend CrossFit Addict highly enough.” 
–David Platt




Alan“This place is special! The coaching expertise and other member’s encouragement and camaraderie, makes me proud to be part of this family. I’ve seen a vast improvement in my performance since I’ve been a member at CrossFit Addict. Looking forward to more gains…in function and friendships.”
–Alan Gagnon